7 of The Biggest Wins in Bingo History

7 of The Biggest Wins in Bingo History

Most people dream about winning big when they play on an online casino, and stories of these lucky few, who usually win a progressive jackpot while playing slots are scattered all over the net. But, there’s the other game that has made a massive comeback, BINGO!

Sure, in the past, it was associated with old people and stuffy bingo halls, but because players can now enjoy this fun game from the comfort of their own home, the popularity of the game has increased incredibly.

The one thing that not many people know is that there’s a lot of money to be won. And, if you’re not quite convinced, it’s best you continue reading…

Stephen Milnes

They say you should never risk what you can’t afford and this was the case with Stephen Milnes. He won £265,000 in March 2016, after he’d lost his job …but within six months he lost it all.

After taking his son on a holiday and buying his parents a new car, he locked himself in his flat and gambled all his winnings away. Unlucky, but true.

Gill O

A lucky lady known as only Gill O won the sum of £510,049.26 after paying only 25p for a ticket. She decided to remain anonymous, but she must be enjoying her massive win somewhere in the world.

Mandy Bowman

Mandy Bowman from Moray, Scotland was a farmer’s wife who dreamed of opening a riding school. In November 2016 she won £1.2 million while playing at an online bingo site after she’d won £400 only days before. She spent the money on her lifelong dream and also restored the buildings on the farm.

Christine Johnson

Christine Johnson couldn’t sleep one night and decided to pass some time with online bingo. And boy was the insomnia worth it – because she won £1.3 million after playing for only 20 minutes! The mum of three (and grandmother) from Wales, celebrated her win at home with her family.

Lisa Potter

The 33-year old housewife from Whitney was tired of her husband watching football and decided to entertain herself with a game of bingo. She placed a £5 wager on a game that caught her eye and turned that investment into an incredible £1.3 million on her second spin.

She took her family on a luxury vacation and invested the rest of her money. Hopefully, she thanked her husband for making her bored with his footie obsession!

Anne Mari Ferrar

Anne Mari Ferrar spent only 15p on an online bingo site, in February 2015, and at the time didn’t know that this decision would make her £3.4 million richer. She took her sons on a holiday, bought a small house and went back to her job at a cafe as an attempt to stay grounded.

John Orchard

In 2012, John Orchard made history when he won the top prize at an online bingo site. The father of three, bet only 30p to secure the massive £5.9 million jackpot win!

Before his big win, he was planning to work another five years, but immediately retired when it sunk in that he had become an instant millionaire.

He bought his daughter a house and spoiled himself with a Jaguar XF and he sure had enough left to enjoy a royal retirement!

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