Bingo Deposit Options

Once you decide to play online bingo you need to figure out what bingo deposit option you want to use. Bingo sites accept a wide range of banking methods to make it as easy as possible for players to be able to fund their account. Bingo players often overlook how important it is to choose a deposit option that’s suitable based on your needs. In the United States you really don’t have that many bingo deposit options available, but we’ve listed the best US bingo deposit options below.

AMEX Bingo Sites – American Express isn’t the most widely used credit card by any stretch, but several bingo sites accept AMEX credit cards. Funding your account using AMEX is a breeze and very safe although many US players will find that their card isn’t approved.

VISA Bingo Sites – VISA is still the most widely used credit card in the world. US bingo players will have better luck depositing with their VISA credit card compared to AMEX. Visa is a safe bingo deposit option and Visa credit cards have a pretty high acceptance rate in the USA.

Neteller Bingo Sites – By most people considered the best web wallet today with their great Net+ Card that can give you the cash right away at that closest ATM. Find out how Neteller works with our recommended bingo sites on the net.

Diners Club Bingo Sites – Most of you probably don’t have a Diners Club credit card, as they aren’t that popular in the USA. However, if you do have a Diners Club credit card it may work at bingo sites. Diners Club are free and you also get to earn rewards on every dollar you spend on your Diners Club credit card.

MasterCard Bingo Sites – Americans have started using MasterCard to fund their online bingo accounts. MasterCard has fewer restrictions in place and most US players should be able to use their MasterCard without problem. Of course every deposit is free using your MasterCard and very convenient.

Prepaid Credit Card Bingo Sites – The best US bingo deposit option to use is a prepaid credit card. Make sure you do a bit of research of the best prepaid credit cards to use at an online bingo site. Some prepaid cards won’t work when you make a deposit, but once you find a card that works it makes funding your US bingo site extremely easy.

A lot of bingo sites in the industry today focus on the UK market, but there are some US bingo sites that have all of the deposit options above available. Whether you want to use your AMEX, VISA, MasterCard or Diners Club credit card.

Using a credit card or prepaid credit card at online bingo sites doesn’t cost you any fees and are very secure. I prefer using a prepaid credit card because you don’t need to worry about providing your personal details. Prepaid credit cards allow you to deposit anonymously to bingo sites and many people like the security of using prepaid credit cards.

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