Get Extra Prizes in Live Chat Whilst You Play Your Favorite Bingo Games!

If you waInstant Bingont to win big bucks quickly and easily, then Instant Bingo is ideal for you!

They have loads of awesome rooms for you to take part in and loads of cash prizes up for grabs every single day of the week, both by winning in their bingo rooms or by getting involved in their countless promotions!

They also have side games in all their Bingo Rooms to get involved in via Live Chat, which means you can win extra funds while you play!

Find out how it works here!

Chat Games at Instant Bingo

Instant Bingo has loads of ways you can play Bingo at their site, but that is not the only way you can get involved and win!

When you log in to any of their bingo rooms, you will be able to enter a live chat service with one of their awesome gaming helpers!

Once in these chats, you can play an extra side game, as well as enjoy the thrill of their bingo rooms!

In these games, you will play against other players in the same room as you and compete in these side games, each of which has different payouts and offer different amounts for you to win!

They have well over 50 of these side games for you to get involved in, with them each having different rules and with different levels of difficulty!

They are directly involved in the bingo game, with you having to pick a number and then react to the game as it unfolds as certain numbers are called.

This means it makes your bingo experience a little bit more exciting as you have to think on your feet, multi-task and keep your wits about you at all time!

Once you become the master of some of these bingo games, then you could cash in with extra funds every time you play, so they are well worth trying out if you fancy a new challenge and want to earn some extra cash!


Welcome Bonus at Instant Bingo

To get you started at Instant Bingo, how about 5 MASSIVE Welcome Bonuses to boost your first deposits?

Because that is exactly what is on offer at Instant Bingo, with 500% Bonuses on offer on your first, second, third, fourth AND Fifth deposits!

This means, every time you deposit at Instant Bingo, it will get multiplied by five, meaning that you will have 5 times as much cash to play with for your first five trips to the site!

This an unprecedented welcome deal which is vast amount more than most casinos offer and shows a real dedication to treating their players with the highest possible regard!

If you want to be part of a casino that rewards every players with this much in bonuses then you need to sign up today!

Welcome Bonus Breakdown:

  • Join InstantBingo
  • Make first deposit and get a 500% Bonus
  • Make second deposit and get a 500% Bonus
  • Make third deposit and get a 500% Bonus
  • Make fourth deposit and get a 500% Bonus
  • Make fifth deposit and get a 500% Bonus
  • T&Cs Apply
  • 18+





Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.
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