Get Cheap Thrills at BingoFest with Nickel Games!

BIngofestBingoFest is a go to for a bingo party that never stops!

Enjoy the thrills of bingo in a colourful environment and operated by a team who are specialists in providing cheap games for big rewards!

Even before you even play a single game, you will already be benefiting from a pair of no deposit bonuses as well!

As such, you already are in the money even before you really start cashing in when the budget bingo kicks off!

Read below for all the cheap games on offer and the big cash prizes that can be easily won!

Budget Bingo with Big Benefits at BingoFest!

There is loads of rooms to get involved in Bingo action and where you can cash in if your balls roll!

But perhaps the most beneficial is the cheap games that they offer which can see you getting big prizes for a as little as a nickle!

Simply play around with this tiny sum and you can get yourself involved in a cash pot that starts at $100!

However, this is just the beginning and the more players and cards involved, the more that can be won, so if you arrive on a good day, who knows what that nickle might turn in to?

With minimum cash prize starting at $10, investing in this game, even in the worse case scenario, will see you making big profits quickly and easily!

This will easily see you energize your account and give you some funds as a practice before you move on to bigger and better bingo prize funds!

These are perfect for the more cautious among you, who know that slow and steady always wins the race!

However, that is not the only cash amount that can be won in the budget bingo room and you can cash out a lot more if you get involved at the right time!

If you come the nickle room at the Top Of the Hour, if you invest just another nickle, you can walk away with a potential cash sum of up to $1500!

With the cash prize starting at $25 and going all the way up to that sum, you can really benefit a lot from cashing in a this time with just a nickle!

So that means, enter the room at any point and you can get anywhere from $10-$1500 for just one nickle!

An insanely easy way to rack up some funds very quickly and with ease!


Welcome Bonus at BingoFest!

At Bingo Fest the party starts from registration 10 Free Spins and $25 Free just for getting yourself an account!

However, once you put some cash in your account the good times really start rolling with great bonuses on offer!

The first of these will see your deposit improved by 5x, with a 500% Bonus!

This means with just a $20 investment, you will have $100 in playing funds!

With all that bonus cash to play in those Nickle Rooms, you could potentially get yourself thousands very easily, indeed!

Welcome Bonus at Bingo Fest

  • Join Bingo Fest and get 10 Free Spins and $25
  • Make first deposit and get a 500% Bonus
  • T&Cs Apply
  • 18+


Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.
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