Online Bingo Jackpots

jackpotThe popularity of Bingo has come a long way, and with online bingo sites, the choices have multiplied with chances of winning big jackpots. Before going on to the websites that offer the biggest jackpots, it’s good understand how the online bingo jackpots are rewarded.

Preset and Progressive Jackpots

There are basically two types of online jackpots that bingo players can win namely preset and progressive. Preset jackpots are offered to players who get a special kind of bingo pattern, or Full House wins. Also, there can be blackout jackpot prizes for certain number of houses.

For Full House wins, one has to daub all the numbers of the card. Preset jackpots are all about certain pre-decided and declared amounts, so every player who is buying the card knows the win that may come to them. Every online bingo site has its own price for cards, but for small amounts like £1, one can actually win huge jackpots, often in thousands of dollars. For qualifying for the preset jackpots, sites may ask players to buy a certain number of cards.

Progressive Bingo is where most of the fun lies. Here, players know a preset amount for the jackpot on the start of the game, but as the existing and new players keep buying cards, the jackpot increases. The progressive jackpot also has a certain number of blackouts that are needed to win the award, but the increment in the prize continues till someone wins the jackpot. There can be different progressive bingo games for different rooms, often offer choices to players with higher cards.

As of now, the choices of Progressive Bingo are limited, in comparison to slot games, and there is always some restrictions with the card amount. It’s good to understand and consider that high value progressive jackpots also have high prices for the tickets. However, given the fact that the jackpot can grow huge, one can actually keep hoping that someone doesn’t strike the required boxes.


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