Legal USA Bingo Sites

Bingo is legal in the United States although online bingo is still a bit of a grey area for operators. Bingo players in the US can play online bingo legally without breaking any laws and it’s easy to get paid. Bingo isn’t frowned upon in the USA like other forms of gambling and that’s because bingo has helped charities and churches earn revenue for decades in the country. We’ve listed two legal USA bingo sites below that are not only legal, but also secure.

Best Legal USA Bingo Sites

123BingoOnline is a licensed bingo operator that has a legal US bingo site. You can sign-up today and claim a $25 no deposit bonus plus you’ll be able to earn more free money on every deposit you make at 123BingoOnline.

Cyber Bingo is a US-friendly legal bingo site that has been in business for over 15 years. Cyber Bingo is one of the best legal USA bingo sites, as they have very fast payouts to US players when compared with other bingo rooms.

Bingo halls in the United States have been legal for a long time now. Online bingo isn’t regulated in the USA, but bingo rooms have been able to operate in the USA legally without any problems. Bingo is a social game and many people don’t consider bingo to be a major issue with gambling since bingo doesn’t cost that much to play. Online bingo sites have free bingo games running all the time and most bingo games are never more than $1 per bingo card with most being much less expensive.

Legal US bingo sites have come a long way in the past decade. Most bingo sites have lots of other fun games that you can play while playing online bingo. For instance, you can play online slots and other fun games such as scratch cards. Bingo rooms also offer chat games that you can play at the same time as you’re playing bingo. Every online bingo room has chat rooms where you can win free bingo tickets and other rewards for winning fun chat games such as trivia questions.

Americans can add money to their bingo account using their credit card, money transfer or prepaid cards. Most bingo sites are able to accept MasterCard and Visa credit card deposits while some legal US bingo sites even process AMEX deposits. You won’t be able to receive withdrawals back on your credit card if you live in the USA, but the bingo room will be able to pay you using checks, money transfer or in some cases you can receive debit card withdrawals at the leading US bingo sites.

If you were worried about playing online bingo due to the legalities you don’t need to worry. Online bingo isn’t illegal and there haven’t been any US bingo sites seized. Online bingo rooms are now the best place to play bingo because the games are always bigger and that means that the prize pools are also always bigger. You can win massive jackpots playing online bingo games and most bingo sites allow players to receive 1-off payments when they win a 5-figure payout.

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