The Funny Side of Bingo

online bingoBingo, arguably the most effortless adrenaline pumping, edge-of-your-seat competition that’s truly fit for all ages (though perhaps some more so than others). The excitement becomes so great, in fact, so much so, some participants can’t quite help themselves. Here are a few hilarious bloopers from everyone’s favorite pastime.

Quality Time with Loved Ones

He couldn’t believe it; the feeling was surreal. His first round of bingo, and four diagonals already stretched across the board. The excitement was building. What began as a boring outing forced by his grandparents now had him trembling like a leaf.

That was five minutes ago. Now, his card remains spotted with chips that are just too stubborn to connect. Come on, just one here, here or here…

Suddenly, his grandmother began nudging him fervently. She asked him to cry out! But why? He had yet to solidify a full line in any direction. She pointed at the middle square, the one square that would solidify THREE of his cards at once! “That’s the freebie”, she whispered. No way! Why hadn’t they told him sooner?! Maybe this game wasn’t so bad after all…

“Bingo!” He cried out. At the beckoning. The host took a quick glance at his card and laughed.

“Funny guy! Come on kid, you expect the host to mistake 75 ball with 90 ball?”

He turned back, confused, to find a few snickers, shaking heads – and his grandparents laughing hysterically. Laughing so hard, their own cards were messed up, and they didn’t even care. Obviously, he had just played his last game of bingo.

Thank the Lucky Stars!

Her rituals were consistent: a small cup of water placed precisely 5 inches diagonally from her card’s edge. She could still reach when necessary, react with enough time in the catastrophic event of a spill, and discourage people from entering her aura.

Her rabbit’s foot rested seven inches from the lower right. The length of her luckiest prime number would certainly prevent strangers from sitting to her right. Her aura was sufficiently spaced.

Then came the matter of her 4 leaved clover. Though nestled inside a key-chain purchased from a store, its placement 4 centimeters directly above, would prove sufficient.

For today’s game was already proving a mesmerizing success. In less than a minute, she had nearly every chance to win with a haphazard scattering of chips for players as far as her eyes could see.

Then came the man. A rather mindless bloke, walking callously with his fresh glass of soda between her table and the next. The man who threatened to invade her aura, to knock her clover, to spill his – oh no. It’s happening. Before she has a chance to even finish her prediction, it began to unfold.

He actually managed to trip over his own feet, sending his beverage pouring over her sanctuary.

In one saturated instance, her aura was shattered, the rabbit foot stained, the four leaved clover falling out of site and her bingo card – completely covered. Suddenly, her game was lost in an instant tragedy.

A tragedy so traumatizing, she nearly misses the next call, “B4”. In the fading ink of what remained of her card, she saw it, the last square left to be filled: B4.

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