Playing Bingo in USD Currency

About Bingo In The US

The United States isn’t exactly known for its large bingo crowds. Instead this popular gambling game is generally associated with the United Kingdom and the elderly. On the contrary, there are plenty of willing players in the United States who would just love to get their hands on the keyboard and play some online bingo, but very few sites accept US dollars and even fewer sites will accept players from the United States. So how can US bingo players get around this? With the US federal laws on gambling changing, is this becoming an ever more realistic possibility?

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Playing Bingo With USD

Being able to play bingo with US dollars has always been a bit of an issue. Most of the major online bingo sites that you will find across the net are in some way tied to the United Kingdom, either through currency or license, advertising or promotion time zones. It isn’t too hard to see why he currency was undervalued for online bingo. If there are only a handful of US based players, using US based money, as opposed to a large number of British players, using Pounds Sterling, why would the sites use US Dollars? But now, it appears as though there is a change in the wind.

Several online bingo sites have popped up recently featuring US Dollars as their currency of choice. It is true that these sites are aimed at players in the United Kingdom too, but for once they are also aimed at US players and the USA bingo players appear to be playing.

Where Can You Do This?

One of these sites that has come along and opened up this exciting new window into playing bingo using USD, is 123BingoOnline. 123 Bingo Online is an online bingo site designed to service the needs of those American players who can’t seem to get a game of online bingo for love nor money. The website is constructed to not only allow US Dollars, but also prefer them as their chosen currency for game play. It can be deceiving at first, with progressive jackpots of $5,000 and $10,000 every thirty minutes being played and so on, but UK gamers should remember that $1,000 is nowhere near £1,000, and so don’t be fooled by the big figures. 

The USD is the symbol of online casinos, most internet casinos use it, and so it is about time that a bingo site like 123 Bingo Online came along and made it so in the online bingo world. Brits need not panic, the UK’s grip on the online bingo market isn’t fading. 123 Bingo Online is just offering an alternative, for their own users, and it is one of a kind, revolutionary and long overdue!

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